Migration and COVID-19 Resource Platform

Our resource platform on migration and COVID-19 will host a series of Migration and COVID-19 situational and policy briefs from migration contexts  globally.


We have also released our Global Statement on Migration and COVID-19 and a Call to Action for urgent inclusion of migrants and refugees in the COVID-19 response.

Launch of Lancet Migration 

On February 5th 2020 a panel discussion and event marked the start of: 'Lancet Migration: global collaboration to advance migration health'. The Lancet Migration global collaboration is a new collaboration between The Lancet and researchers, implementers, and others in the field of migration and health that aims to address evidence gaps and drive policy change, building on the recommendations of the UCL-Lancet Commission on Migration and Health published in December 2018.  The full recording of the event can be viewed here. To learn more about how to engage with Lancet Migration visit here.

2018 UCL-Lancet Commission on Migration and Health


The 2018 UCL-Lancet Commission on Migration and Health including commentaries and associated publications can be found here.  For interactive figures from the report please click here. The Commission addresses one of the defining issues of our time and presents evidence based approaches to inform public discourse and policy to address migration as a global health priority, including proposing recommendations for maximising the health of all people on the move. It is the result of a two-year project led by 20 leading experts from 13 countries, and with 46 contributing authors on the final report and is the most comprehensive review of the available evidence on migration and health to date.

Policy and public engagement


Over the last year the Commission has held a series of national, regional and international research and policy events, and has made official interventions at the Global Compact for Migration, the World Health Assembly and the UN General Assembly. A series of regional policy roundtables on universal health coverage and migration were organised between January-September 2019, from which policy briefings were produced, such as this one from the Southern African region.


Lancet Migration Global Statement and Call to Action on COVID-19

Our April 2020 Global Statement 'Leaving no one behind in the COVID-19 Pandemic: a call for urgent global action to include migrants & refugees in the Covid-19 response' can be accessed here.  Join our Global Call to Action for urgent inclusion of migrants & refugees in the COVID-19 response here.  

Formation of the Migration and COVID-19 Resource Platform

People on the move, whether they are economic migrants or forcibly displaced persons such asylum seekers, refugees, and internally displaced persons, should be explicitly included in the responses to the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic (COVID-19). This global public health emergency brings into focus, and may exacerbate, the barriers to healthcare these populations face. Many migrant & refugee populations live in conditions where physical distancing and recommended hygiene measures are particularly challenging. Resources, including situational briefs and policy briefs on COVID-19 from different global migration contexts will be hosted on our website, please visit here for more information.

Publication in The Lancet to mark the start of the Lancet Migration: global collaboration to advance migration health in January 2020. To read the full commentary about Lancet Migration please click here.

Lancet Migration Regional Hubs

The Lancet Migration Regional Hubs are currently being formed, building on our previous collaboration and activities. The model of engagement, working closely with regional collaborating institutions and stakeholders, follows principles of regional consultation, including policy roundtables and  research workshop, to form links between academia, civil society and public policy to encourage regional priority setting for migration  and health research and action.​  The Latin American Regional Hub was launched on March 4th 2020 at our regional event in Peru. Please find further details here.

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