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About Lancet Migration

Humans have been on the move for millennia and migration is our global reality and future. The impact of the migration process on health is a central public health issue for all societies. ‘Lancet Migration: global collaboration to advance migration health’ is a collaboration between The Lancet and researchers, implementers, and others in the field of migration and health that aims to address evidence gaps and drive policy change, building on the recommendations of the UCL-Lancet Commission on Migration and Health published in December 2018. 


The Lancet Migration global collaboration aims to make a positive impact on the lives of people who migrate, and the environments in which they live, through multidisciplinary research, as well as leadership, engagement, dissemination of research, and advocacy. It is an independent body that will be funded primarily via research funding organisations and foundations. Administrative support will be based at UCL. The vision of the Lancet Migration global collaboration is to transform evidence into action at local, regional, and global levels and to contribute to improving health and preventing morbidity and mortality for all migrants, nationals, and those who are left behind.


‘Lancet Migration: global collaboration to advance migration health’ will have two primary objectives: to undertake and support high quality, multidisciplinary research to address the evidence gaps in the field of migration  and health; and to stimulate public engagement, advocacy, and policy shaping activities to transform evidence into action.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

The Lancet Migration global collaboration will undertake and support the generation of new evidence, focused on the research priorities identified in the UCL-Lancet Migration and Health Commission report and via expert consensus. We aim to publish regular updates of progress on migration health in The Lancet.


Research priorities

The research priorities for Lancet Migration in the first 1-2 years (2020-21) are:

1.    Universal health coverage and migration;

2.    Climate change, migration, and health.


Cross-cutting themes and working groups will include:

  • Migration and health data and epidemiological trends;

  • Migration, gender, and health;

  • Types of migration (labour, forced, mixed);

  • Migration, children and adolescents

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