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Panel on Conflict, migration and health at the UCL Humanitarian Summit

The UCL-Lancet Commission on Migration and Health hosted a panel at the UCL Humanitarian Summit on June 19th focusing on one of the themes of the Commission, forced migration.  Presentations of disparate country case studies then formed the basis for a discussion on the changing nature of conflict and the impact on health, with a focus on taking action on improving health in conflict/migration.


Chairs: Professor Ibrahim Abubakar, Director of the Institute for Global Health (IGH), UCL and Dr Delan Devakumar, Institute for Global Health UCL 

Speakers and themes:

  1. Syria – Dr Aula Abbara, Infectious Diseases Consultant, Imperial College London and Project Lead for Greece, Syrian American Medical Society and Dr Miriam Orcutt, Migration and Health Specialist MSF and UCL Institute for Global Health

  2. Yemen - Andre Heller Perache, MSF Board of Directors; previous head of MSF UK Programmes Unit 

  3. South Sudan  - Elizabeth Harding, Humanitarian Advisor, MSF

  4. Libya – Dr Syed Arif Hussain, International Organization for Migration, Libya

Evening seminar on Healthcare access for refugees: research and practice

The UCL-Lancet Commission on Migration and Health collaborated with Health Professionals for Global Health and the Catastrophes and Conflict Forum on an evening seminar on January 24th, titled: First hand accounts from Humanitarians "Healthcare Access for Refugees: Research & Practice"

Chair: Gareth Walker, Humanitarian Health Programme Manager and former Head of International Programmes for Médecins du Monde UK

Dr Nasser Yassin, American University of Beirut, Lebanon
Dr Clare Shortall, Health Coordinator for Première Urgence Internationale in Iraq
Dr Aula Abbara, Project Lead for Greece, Syrian American Medical Society


WHO Summary School on Refugee and Migrant Health

UCL-Lancet Commissioners are pleased to be faculty members at the WHO Summer School on Refugee and Migrant Health in Syracuse, Italy from 10–14 July 2017. WHO/Europe is organising the 1st Summer School on Refugee and Migrant Health, an intensive 5-day course offered under the umbrella of the WHO European Knowledge Hub on Health and Migration. The Summer School will take place in Syracuse, Italy, on 10–14 July 2017. It is organized with the support of the Ministry of Health of Italy and the regional health authorities of Sicily, and in collaboration with the International Organization for Migration; the European Commission; and the European Public Health Association.


The Summer School seeks to improve participants’ knowledge and understanding of the main health issues and needs of refugees and migrants, and of the broader public health and health-system implications of large-scale migration in origin, transit and destination countries. It provides a space for bridging research, policy and practice; sharing practical, real-world knowledge and experience; and fostering debate and critical thinking.


The theme of this year’s Summer School is “Managing the public health aspects of migration”. It will include a combination of plenary presentations, workshops, interactive discussions and panels. Faculty will include international experts from different regions and disciplines relevant to the area of migration and health. The course includes a field trip to a point-of-entry location in Sicily known for receiving regular arrivals of refugees and migrants. The trip will provide participants with first-hand knowledge of how authorities in Italy are currently managing the public health challenges related to migration. Beyond the course curriculum, the Summer School also offers networking opportunities through social events and possibilities for alumni to become connected with WHO/Europe’s migration and health work through the Knowledge Hub on Health and Migration and other ongoing activities.


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