Migration and Covid-19 Resources

People on the move, whether they are economic migrants or forcibly displaced persons such asylum seekers, refugees, and internally displaced persons, should be explicitly included in the responses to the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic (COVID-19). This global public health emergency brings into focus, and may exacerbate, the barriers to healthcare these populations face. Many migrant & refugee populations live in conditions where physical distancing and recommended hygiene measures are particularly challenging. The COVID-19 pandemic reveals the extent of marginalisation migrant & refugee populations face.  We have developed a resource platform to encourage knowledge sharing across different  regions globally and to highlight the  need to include migrants and refugees in the COVID-19 response.

Lancet Migration Global Statement and Call to Action on COVID-19

Read our global statement 'Leaving no one behind in the COVID-19 Pandemic: a call for urgent global action to include migrants in the COVID-19 response'


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Situational and Policy briefs

This series of situational and policy briefs summarise key aspects of the COVID-19 response in relation to migrants and refugees at country or regional level.  They include public health and policy recommendations and perspectives to ensure migrants and refugees have: access to healthcare; inclusion in prevention, preparedness and response; and responsible and transparent public information strategies, during the COVID-19 pandemic. The concept for these briefs was developed by the Lancet Migration global collaboration to advance migration health.The situational briefs have been authored by experts working in academia, operational, or clinical areas of migration and COVID-19, and are hosted on the Lancet Migration  website. Situational and policy briefs represent the views of the authors.  




Resources & Guidance

International statements and guidance documents

Statements from UNCHR, the IRC, and a joint statement from OHCHR, IOM, UNHCR and WHO  also call for the rights and health of migrants and refugees to be protected in the Covid-19 response.  

Further statements supporting urgent action, can be accessed here:

The Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants 'The COVID-19 pandemic: we need urgent measures to
protect people and mend the cracks in our health, social protection and migration systems'

The Word Health Organisation, Regional Office for Europe, 'Measures against COVID-19 need to include refugees and migrants'

The Migrant and Ethnic Health Section of EUPHA, 'Reducing the impact of the coronavirus crisis on those ‘left behind’ – Disadvantaged Migrants and Ethnic Minorities (MEM)'

Operational guidance 

Interim guidance from the Inter-agency Standing Committee on 'Scaling up Covid-19 outbreak, readiness and response in  operations in humanitarian situations'

Formation of the Migration and COVID-19 Forum

The ‘Migration and COVID-19 Forum’ is currently being formed as a place for discussion and sharing of resources and field experiences about Migration and COVID-19 response.  If you are interested in joining the forum please enter your details here.  

Statements &  Call  to  Action

Situational & Policy Briefs

Resources & guidance

Migration & Covid-19 Forum